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Intercultural Training & Assessment Services

Bookmark Connections is dedicated to providing intercultural workshops and trainings in various ways.

  • Continuing education workshops for mental health professionals

    • Workshops are designed to meet criteria for the Oregon Cultural Competency Continuing Education (CCCE) requirement

    • Sometimes CE credits are also available for education and healthcare professionals (varies by workshop)

  • Organizational trainings for counseling/mental health, educational, healthcare, and non-profit workplace settings, as well as human resource (HR) management, organizational development, and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) professionals

  • Professional conference and keynote presentations

To a lesser extent, the following services are also provided:

  • Intercultural Assessments →

  • Community workshops, classes, and presentations

  • Psychological assessments for Asylum and U & T Visa adult immigration cases (starting in 2020)

**Please note, organizational consulting, general consultations, and dialogue facilitation services are not offered by Bookmark Connections. Also, no longer available for adjunct instructor positions.